Pleasurekraft makes awesome sounds

A friend and I contemplated that there was a missing element within the current housemusic scene. namely happy house! We think music might me getting to serious.

Couple of months later, pleasurekraft comes out with this track:

When listening to this song, you just know that the producers were having fun while creating this track. There focus is on melody and not taking themselves to serious, I hope more dj's will follow their example and create fun tracks!

Cool pictures in cool resolution

following up on my last post, I read in the comments that some of u used the images I posted as wallpaper.
...Therefore I decided to post some more images, but this time in EPIC resolution...

Feel free to request any of my previously posted images in higher resolution.

Nice pictures for supertwiks

A promise is a promise, Supertwiks made me google 'HTML for dummies' to make this post happen ;)

I like colors

Mystery eyes

Peaceful scene

city's never sleep

What does it mean?

Renders can be cool too

Get your kicks on route 66

You can never go wrong when posting kittens

Edit: Sorry about the delay guys, they should work now, trial and error style! :p
Next time I'll upload pics I will make sure to make them wallpaper resolution, i see they have been scaled down a bit :(

100 followers, you decide!

Thanks to all of you I finally hit the 100 followers mark!

I actually just hit the mark on sunday, but my last post made me actually lose some followers (let's not talk about that anymore:p).

Anyway, As a tribute to my 100 followers, I'll let the comments decide what i will write about in my next post. So tell me what subject you like to read about (music type/technology/whatever) and I'll pick one of the comments as subject for my next post!

Much love to all of you!

Happy Hardcore, why did it die?

Ok, most of you will hate this song/type of music, but not posting this would almost be as if I was denying my very existence.
This song is part of the 'happy hardcore' scene which started in the 90's as an happy answer to western Europe's house/rave music scene which was getting faster, harder and darker by the month.

Although record sales shot through the roof after the introduction of this style, the happy hardcore scene almost bled to death just 5 years later. Lets hope for a comeback :p. Let me know what you think, I might circle some happy hits on the frontpage if there are likes!

5 lifehacks; car theft prevention edition

Since my car got my car stolen in front of my house about a year ago and my roommate’s car got stolen at almost the same spot recently, I took some time thinking about practical ways to bring down the odds of stuff like that happening. So I thought I’d share some of my knowledge with you;

1.       Cheap steering wheel lock. Although it is really easy to remove a cheap steering wheel lock, a thief will see this obstacle and leave your car alone and steal another car without a steering wheel lock. Therefore, even a 5 dollar lock will protect your car in a urban environment.
2.       Bad neighborhood trick. If you are forced to park your car in a really bad hood for a short amount of time, remove a small but vital part of your car. Examples are; fuse of the start motor or engine management, main battery fuse, main spark distribution cap. Epic tier is definitely to take your steering wheel with you; this annoys the thief even more!
3.       Don’t make enemies where you park. I’ve lived in quite a bad neighborhood for about 2 years, but the youngster/oldsters hanging on the street corner till early morning knew I lived there and what car was mine.  No junkie car thief will steal a car in a hood like that because he knows he can get into trouble with the group of people standing on the corner ‘protecting’ ‘their’ hood. My car never got vandalized in that part of town, it’s my new ‘good’ neighborhood where my car got stolen and molested one too many times.
4.       If you have a car that’s worth it, invest in a car alarm. This one is obvious, my cars never were worth the money to install a good alarm system, but if you car is…protect it. There are even GPS trackers on the market which let you track your car on google maps for less than ~$200 !
5.       Crank down your sound when you get home. This sounds a little weird but it’s actually quite practical, a professional thief will know a good sound system when he hears it. Also thieves tend to be outside for most of the time. Therefore, turn down your sound when you are about turn in the street where you are going to park. The villain won’t know what you’re sound system is worth, so it is less likely you will find your car with the window smashed and your audio ripped out.

These were my tips, reading them back I see they are mostly useful in urban environments. Oh well, thanks for reading!